Once upon a time floating in the vastness was a Zircon bubble, languidly lying within was ether mistress Lucie Monoshock, watching the gentle octopi swim and gambol in the condensation pockets that rolled down the inner surfaces. In fact so intent was she in watching them she did not notice the ZoOphyte spore containing the Zygaspore Fingerling come hurtling out of the cloud spawn until too late.

The fusion that occurred careened around the vastness until landing at the door of Xerxes bar and grill upon entering the barkeep did ask "And what do we have here?" to which the new ether entity did reply

"We are Hokano"

"Alright" replied the barkeep"I need a new house band interface with the stage over there and avoid the pimozide peddlars"
And so mote it be oh sweetest of reader the musical odyssey that is the Hokano being was born

Even we are conscious of his ego
We bear through existence
The will of his desire for creation
In the bright sunshine


Hokano's particular brand of minimalist ambience sits comfortably alongside recent releases by Bisclaveret and Silence & Strength.

The tracks are fairly varied in terms of effects used, but the mood remains constant. Nonetheless, it remains a satisfying and acceptable entrant to the post-industrial universe.

Heathen Harvest


Ointment of Civilisation Part1

Available in a limited edition metal tin
£5.00 + £2.00 P+P